Photo of Bride and Groom at the Shenandoah Clubhouse Turningstone Casino, Oneida NY
Lifestyle Portraits in Upstate NY
Photographing weddings at The Lodge in Skaneatelas, Bellevue Country Club, Onondaga Country Club, Sherwood Inn in Skaneatelas and Central New York

Wedding and Portrait Photographer ReBecca McManus of ReBecca's Photography, specializing in romantic wedding photojournalism and lifestyle portraits, located in Syracuse, NY. | 315.234.6055 |

"I have always been intrigued by all forms of art. I love to see the brushstrokes on an artist’s canvas, feel the impressions in clay from a potter’s fingers and listen to and feel the essence of music as it takes you on a journey through the musician’s heart and soul. These are just some of the things that make me who I am as an artist and these are the things that bring my work to life. There are those that can paint a masterpiece or write eloquently worded lyrics, my talent is that I perceive things that the ordinary eye does not and I have the knowledge and education to make it come to life through photography. THIS IS MY PASSION." -ReBecca

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